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MOBILE Acting Class with Gary Grubbs
Thursday, Jun 15, 2017

MOBILE Class - Thursday - June 15th - 7 to 11 p.m. -- The Ashbury Hotel and Suites -- the Service/Frontage Road -- Corner of 65 and Airport.

$40 Cash or Check -- 20 year old minimum -- No Reservations Needed

Each week someone decides to take photos or tape themselves while doing a scene in class and then posting it. This is unauthorized and often time the scene partner does not even know they are being taped until they see it online. Acting class is not designed to always present finished performances. Class is more times than not, experimenting, trying new things, attempting parts that you are not necessarily right for, learning as you go. Think of it as going to the health club. You go there to work out and look your best, but you don't necessarily want the world to see you sweat through the process. Bottom line -- do not take photos or tape someone in class without my and their permission. GG

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