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ACTING CLASSES with Gary Grubbs--May 24 & 25
Monday, May 22, 2017

Long Beach, MS - Acting Class - Wed.--May 24--7 to 11 p.m. -- 818 East Beach Blvd, Long Beach, MS. White picket fence and historical marker at the curb. Large two story white house. Park to the left on the grass. Class in the pool house.

MOBILE Acting Class - Thursday--May 25--7 to 11 p.m. - The Ashbury Hotel and Suites -- Frontage road -- NW Corner of Airport Blvd and I-65 --

$40 Cash or Check -- 20 year old minimum -- No Reservations Needed

There is an acting term "The Sound of Listening" used in the theatre. If you have ever been in a stage play, you know exactly what that means. Without making a sound the audience projects a certain amount of enthusiasm, interest, and support of your work. When they gasp, giggle, and laugh all the better. That energy is unmistakable and it guides and inspires the actor to respond and perform in the most effective and persuasive way. The same process occurs when actors work on the set, because often times the director, camera crew and extras are within a few feet of them. That is why in class I constantly ask everyone to put down their cell phones and move into the seats closest to the actors. Not only is it respectful, it is great practice for when you are doing the real thing. No one likes to perform when the audience is preoccupied. Thanks in advance for supporting your fellow actors in this way. GG

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